Galaxy S7 and S7 edge are still getting security updates

It was almost exactly four years ago that the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 edge went on sale in markets around the world. The S7 and S7 edge stopped getting major Android updates with Android 8.0 Oreo, in keeping with Samsung’s software update policy for Galaxy devices. However, the Korean giant continues to support the Galaxy S7 and S7 edge with security updates to this day, and it has released the March security patch for the two phones in quite a few countries in the last week or so.

The Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 edge continue to be in the quarterly schedule for security updates four years after launch, though there’s a good chance that will change starting next month. That’s because Samsung’s policy dictates that every flagship get monthly security updates for three years and once every three months in the fourth year. From the fifth year onward, security updates only arrive when a critical security vulnerability is discovered and needs fixing.

The March 2020 security update is rolling out for the Galaxy S7 and S7 edge in a slew of markets around the world, and you can find out if it’s available in your country from the phone’s Settings » Software update menu. You can also check the Galaxy S7/S7 edge section in our firmware archive, where you can also download the latest firmware to manually install it on your device.

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  • This is definitely good news, however i think our standards are still a bit too low. Aside from hardware capabilities (the s7 is still good for everything) the s7 doesn't support project treble etc so there even might be some difficulties in keeping rolling out features updates for it, and the way android is built does not help. However, i won't be that happy if samsung will still treat newer devices with this relatively good but kinda old policy. of course these things have been said lots of times but (while there's nothing wrong with it) this article made me think about them

    • Well, yes, we are only reporting based on Samsung's current policies at the moment. We all wish the OS update support would be longer, though even if it is, it won't be until Android 11 or Android 12 that we find out, since Samsung already told us the S8 and Note 8 are not getting a third update.

      • Fair enough, but then you should also make sure that in your articles you don't make it sound or subliminally imply that Samsung is doing a good job at updating their devices when it's obvious that the vast majority of people disagree with that kind of statement and it kinda irritates them/us.

  • hahaha and iphone 4s + 5 from 2011 and 2012 are still receiving security updates rofl. Iphone 6s from 2015 is on the latest ios + day one updates and day one betas, you know, the same as iphone 11 pro max. Iphone 7 from 2016, the year galaxy s7 edge released, will receive for sure ios 14 and atleast one year after that full support.

    Complimenting samsung on their s7e support, the phone they GAVE to the people suffering from the note 7 drama - is laughable and I really want you to defend your article with something reasonable.

    I own right now HTC m8, huawei p20, galaxy s7 edge, note 9, iphone 6s and iphone 11 pro max and can easily compare the support, performance, how bad exynos 9810 is, or talk about how bad the galaxy s20 exynos is compared to sd 965 (did you read the whole article on anandtech before cheery picking from it? Did you read Andrei's words how the 120Hz is limited to 1080p by hardware and not software limitation? No? The information is there + I already played with the exynos s20 ultra (work) ).

    I love android more vs ios, samsung phones and their UI... but two things they are totally not doing right:
    1. Their software support is super bad and long gone are the years when the most expensive android phone costed half the price fo an iphone and it was ok for 2 years support, especially on top of the fast hardware development/features not existing till now, back then.
    2. Paying more money (euro > us dollar) for a worse SOC in the phone. Worse CPU, GPU, battery life, ISP, throttling in heavy games while SD stays consistent and so on. Also did you know there is a variant of the s20 ultra with missing 5g antennas? IIRC gerryrigseverything did the teardown. Variant that is marketed witg 5g - this is a crime or at best a scam.

    tl:dr samsung does some things good, but adequate software support or same phone no matter where you buy it - those two are not among those good things!

  • Congratulations, Samsung, for totally disabling the O2 saturation sensor capability in the Samsung Health app on the S7. It went from being a separate item, to part of a combined "stress" measurement, to a message to use a watch or band to gather data. I am sure everyone who owns a Galaxy S series device who might still want to have this capability (can you say COVID-19 ??) without buying an additional piece of hardware will be pleased. Fortunately, rooting my older S6 units spared them the "benefits" of the updates.

    MONEY is NOT more important than HUMAN LIVES. Can anyone at Samsung figure out what a GLOBAL PANDEMIC is ?? It would sadly seem not to be the case.

    • Same here at S9+ My BP Lab readings are restricted to show after latest update in Samsung Health dashboard. Well Samsung sell more additional gadgets and make S and Note series just ordinary. You claimed Iris scanner is latest but you ditched this S10 onwards.

  • Wow s7 gets an update, meanwhile the flagship tab s6 is still stuck on the december 1st update and is still on android 9.
    Goodjob Samsung