Samsung accepts the Galaxy S20 Ultra green tint issue, fix coming ASAP

We reported last week that the April 2020 security update for the Galaxy S20 Ultra had brought with it a rather annoying bug. Users had quickly noticed a green tint appear on the display of their device after installing the latest update.

Sources had revealed to us that Samsung had started work on a software fix for the problem and that it would be released soon. In a statement provided to SamMobile, Samsung has acknowledged the issue and confirms that a fix is incoming. It has already removed the update that was causing this problem, it’s no longer available over-the-air or through Samsung’s Smart Switch software.

Samsung to fix the Galaxy S20 Ultra green tint issue soon

“Samsung is aware of the reported issue, which appears in a very limited number of Galaxy S20 Ultra devices. We plan to provide a software update to fix this issue as soon as possible,” the company said in a statement provided to SamMobile. It didn’t say precisely when this update will arrive.

This issue causes a green tint to cover the display when the display is set to 120Hz and the refresh rate drops to 60Hz in some apps and the brightness is lowered below 30 percent. The majority of the reports about this issue from users came from those who own the Exynos 990 variant of the Galaxy S20 Ultra


It’s great to have a confirmation from Samsung that it has indeed taken notice of the problem and is working on a fix to address it. Though the number of reports we have seen suggests that it’s more than a “very limited number” of Galaxy S20 Ultra users who have been annoyed by the green tint.

There’s only a temporary fix for this problem until the software update is released. If you don’t want to be annoyed by the green tint on your Galaxy S20 Ultra, just keep the refresh rate at 60Hz. It’s far from an ideal solution but it’s the only solution right now. We’ll let you know when Samsung starts rolling out this software fix for the Galaxy S20 Ultra.

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  • One thing i like about Samsung is that they acknowledges the issues unlike some other manufacturers.

  • That is not good enough! The focusing when uzing the zoom from 5X onward is terrible! My S10+ is far better and is over 300$ cheaper! This is unacceptable Samsung!

    • thats just not true at all. I own an s10 and its far worse zooming in what are you even talking about

    • Same here! My main reason to upgrade was the camera. So far it's been a major letdown.

      Heck, Samsung even didn't let DXO publish the S20 series camera results...

  • I'm so glad that I didn't spend the extra cash on the ultra, it seems to be a bit jinxed. Lurching from one problem to another.

  • A lot of problems with phone of 1400€. I will proudly stick with my Galaxy S10+ and in few years switch to Huawei.
    I mean, 1. exynos Is worst than snapdragon and more expencive;
    2. Only two major updates
    3. Problematic updates
    4. Expencive after all above...
    Samsung should change a lot of things.

  • I hope they also fix the image processing on the s20 series. The images are slightly dimmer and most contrast compared to many camera flagships.

  • There are a few things wrong here.
    1. This issue isn't just on the S20 Ultra but on all variants of the S20 as well.
    2. This issue didn't crop up after the April update, but it's been there since Day 1. You can find many threads on XDA of this issue being reported across all 3 devices within a week since launch. I had this issue on my regular S20 LTE Exynos version from the day I bought it, and even the replacement phone has the same issue. I haven't been able to get this replaced due to COVID lockdown.
    3. The issue doesn't go away by switching to 60 Hz. It's visible regardless of the resolution and refresh rate you choose (yes, even 720p 60 Hz).