Samsung doesn’t slow down phones that have older batteries

After many users noticed that old iPhones with low-capacity batteries were slowing down, Apple officially confirmed that it does indeed slow down older iPhones with naturally degraded batteries. The company has been hit with multiple lawsuits over this and has now even issued an apology.

People are naturally wondering if other smartphone manufacturers do this as well. Samsung has confirmed that it doesn’t slow down smartphones with older batteries.

The curious case of throttled iPhones

It had long been a conspiracy theory that Apple intentionally slows down older iPhones to get customers to buy a new one. In light of recent reports that contained sufficient evidence, Apple confirmed that it does do this but offered a different explanation.

Smartphone batteries output less power as they become older due to natural degradation. This can lead to the device shutting down unexpectedly if the processor comes under heavy load and demands more power to ramp up speed.

Apple decided to throttle the processor speed on older devices in order to prevent unexpected shutdowns resulting from the battery’s inability to keep up. Whether or not that was the intention is another matter but it also ended up limiting how fast an iPhone can get without clarifying it to users. Apple introduced this behavior last year for the iPhone 6, 6S and SE.

Apple’s top rival Samsung has confirmed that it doesn’t do this. The company has categorically said that it doesn’t reduce CPU performance through software updates over the lifecycle of a smartphone. It has sent out the following statement:

Product quality has been and will always be Samsung Mobile’s top priority. We ensure extended battery life of Samsung mobile devices through multi-layer safety measures, which include software algorithms that govern the battery charging current and charging duration. We do not reduce CPU performance through software updates over the lifecycles of the phone.

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  • One of many things that make Android king is if any phone becomes slow, just factory reset it and the problem goes away. I factory reset my s7 edge once every 3 months and when it gets a major update. When the iPhone 8/8plus/X get updated to the next version (IOS12) they will be slowed down.

    • You reset every 3 months? That's insane! If your phone really needs that, then you need to confine it to the trash can.

    • Factory resets are not logical for the majority of consumers given the crappy restore system on Android and, well, just because people don't have time to be micromanaging their devices. In 2017, that shouldn't be a requirement. iOS, in fact, is better at restoring data through iTunes, but yeah, that won't help once a 3-year old iPhone goes slow because of a software update (saying 3-year because the iPhones don't usually go slow until their third major OS upgrade, though things might have changed in recent times under Tim Cook's leadership :P)

  • **Then how come my Galaxy S3 is running so slow!!! I noticed it around the time the iPhone 6 came out!!**

    • There's a website called "Google". Go to google and search for the release dates of both the phones. If you can't do that then fyi s3 was launched in 2012 while iphone 6 in 2014.
      PS: I have a note 2 and it's still running butter smooth.

    • App updates will make it use more memory and thus slowing down the phone with the constant memory clearing.

      Additionally the apps are getting bigger and the S3 available space get used up.

      More memory does help the phone run smoother and faster. Look at the speed test with the one plus 5 Vs s8 with more memory you can see the one plus having advantage

  • They don't slow down phones, but their phones are already slow to begin with, full charge or not...

  • Rather than slowing down older devices, Samsung just refuse to update them. So technically Samsung also try to force their users to buy new phones every 2 years using unfair strategies. In this case Apple were just a bit more unfair than Samsung.

  • So Samsung says, "we do not reduce CPU performance through software updates...". And yet, assuming their batteries do degrade over time, there must be a mechanism to allow the CPU to tolerate this. They say they do not do this "through software updates". Presumably then the logic is pre-installed?

  • Samsung may not admit to slowing down their phones, because they don't need to do that, their phones already slow down like hell one year in owning and using your phone. Nevertheless I'm hoping that my S8 will be a significant long-term experience than my note 4 was...

    • You'll have to check on YouTube for tutorial, "how to remove kernel / recovery is not seandroid enforcing.

  • yea, their smartphones just dies or become unstable because of bad batteries.
    its all part of the plan of making smartphones with non remove-able batteries, and making as hard as possible replacing it with those smartphones.

    Samsung is far from being innocent

  • Samsung doesn’t slow down phones that have older batteries, Samsung just does not update their OS