More users are facing green tint display issues on different Galaxy devices

Do you remember the Galaxy S20 green tint issue that reared its head not long after the flagship’s release? Samsung did fix it with a quick firmware update for the Galaxy S20 a couple of months ago, but it looks like the problem is making a comeback for other Galaxy smartphone models.

Multiple new threads on Samsung’s US, EU, and Indian community websites reveal that the green tint problem is now affecting a variety of other Galaxy devices. The common theme across these user reports is that the green tint issue appeared after a recent firmware update. The problem seems to be affecting devices like the Galaxy Note 8, Galaxy Note 9, Galaxy S9 series, and the Galaxy Note 10 Lite. As brought to our attention by SamMobile readers @panther_64 and @ahmedRaisMU on Twitter, the Galaxy S10 Lite hasn’t escaped the wrath of the green tint issue either, as it persists even after the recent June 2020 security patch.

It seems as if the green tint problem occurs mostly when the display is set to a low brightness level, so at least it doesn’t always affect the user experience. And without understating the existing problems experienced by affected users, the good news is that the green tint issue does seem to be somewhat of a rare occurrence, at least judging by the number of complaints found on Samsung’s community websites as of this writing. The problem exists for some users, but for now, it doesn’t look like it’s widely spread.

If this green tint issue is indeed similar to the one that marred the Galaxy S20 a couple of months back, it shouldn’t take too long for Samsung to figure out the exact cause of the problem across different Galaxy models and address it with a firmware update. We’ll let you know as soon as we find out more. Until then, join us in the comment section and let us know if you’re experiencing the green tint problem on your phone.

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