Galaxy S21 could feature an under-display selfie camera

Although it has been just a few weeks since Samsung launched the Galaxy S20 series, rumors regarding the next-gen Galaxy S and Galaxy Note phones have started appearing already. It is being reported that the South Korean smartphone giant could implement a completely bezel-less screen without any camera cutout beginning with the Galaxy S21 (or Galaxy S30?).

According to the information tweeted by Ice Universe (@UniverseIce), the Galaxy S21 could be Samsung’s first smartphone with an under-display camera. The company is reportedly checking the feasibility of the feature for the next-generation Galaxy S series smartphone. If everything goes right, we should be able to see a display that’s devoid of bezels, cutouts, or punch holes for the selfie camera.

If anyone could solve the under-display camera problem, it would be Samsung

It is quite hard to implement under-display cameras, but OPPO and Xiaomi have already showcased prototype-stage smartphones with the technology. The biggest hurdle is insufficient lighting, which severely affects the camera quality. The area of the screen, which hides the camera, needs to have enough pixels to show colors but also leave a gap between the pixels to allow enough light to pass to the sensor.

Another problem lies in hiding the lower pixel count in the area of the screen underneath which the camera sensor is placed. A square-shaped sensor’s outlines could be seen in OPPO’s prototype phone, especially when lighter colors like white or light grey are displayed on the screen. However, Samsung makes the best OLED panels in the world, and we are banking on the company’s ability to solve the problem in a better way compared to any other brand.

Apart from an under-display camera, what other features would you like to see with the Galaxy S21? The phone will likely come with Android 11 and the next-gen Exynos processor. Let us know what you want Samsung to improve with its next Galaxy S smartphone series.

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