Galaxy S20 was world best-selling 5G smartphone in first half of 2020

Samsung reported its highest-ever quarterly revenue for Q3 2020. It even recaptured the number one rank in the Indian smartphone market after a gap of two years. Now, it is being reported that the Galaxy S20 was the world’s best-selling 5G smartphone series.

According to the latest numbers from market analysis firm Strategy Analytics, the Galaxy S20+ 5G was the world’s best-selling 5G smartphone in the first half of 2020. The Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G and the Galaxy S20 5G were the next two top-selling 5G smartphones globally, grabbing the second and third ranks, respectively. The Huawei P40 Pro 5G and the Huawei Mate 30 5G stood at the fourth and fifth positions.

Despite Samsung’s strong performance in the 5G smartphone market, it is being predicted that its market share could decline in Q4 2020 and the rest of 2021 as Apple recently launched the iPhone 12 series. All four iPhone 12 series models—iPhone 12 mini, iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro, and iPhone 12 Pro Max—come with built-in 5G connectivity.

The South Korean smartphone giant is expected to counter Apple by launching more mid-range and entry-level 5G smartphones in markets where 5G networks have been rolled out. The Galaxy A42 5G has already been showcased, and it should launch in more markets in the coming months.

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  • Surprised to hear a Flagship 5G phones tops the list of highest selling 5G smartphone. Considering the slightly less sales of the S20 series, expected some other samsung 5G phone to be the highest selling one!

  • My guess is that the S20 FE with SD865 will do better than all the others once this quarter ends.
    It will probably be discounted for Black Friday to pre order pricing or less.
    I had expected the A51 5G and A71 5G to have done the best in the 5G catagory

  • The iPhone will be the largest selling 5G device only due to Qualcomm and Android OEMs. MediaTek made a low cost integrated 5G chip way back in May 2019. There was nothing preventing 5G phones that cost under $300 by way of either Samsung/LG/Motorola/Nokia using that chip or from Qualcomm coming out with a competing low cost 5G chip. Instead, we didn't even get a 5G 6xx chip until 16 months later. So you couldn't buy a 5G phone for under $600 - let alone $300 - in most markets until a few weeks ago.

    Next year Qualcomm is FINALLY going to come out with a 5G chip for use in sub-$300 devices A FULL TWO YEARS AFTER THEY COULD HAVE. So 2021 is when 5G is finally going to become "standard" for Android when should have happened by 3Q 2020.

  • Obviously because OnePlus 8 was launched months after and iPhone 12 wasn't launched in H1