Galaxy S20 refresh rate, battery size, and other details leak

The Samsung Galaxy S20 is making the rounds again thanks to new bits of leaked information shared by XDA-Developers. There’s quite a lot to take in, so strap yourselves in and let’s dive into this.

Firstly, the source was able to confirm an earlier rumor that the 120Hz display mode will only be available for the FHD+ resolution. This is apparently true, and the phone will automatically switch to 60Hz when detecting the higher WQHD+ pixel count.

Galaxy S20 has an odd screen resolution

We also got news on the Galaxy S20+’ exact screen resolution, which seemed to be slightly higher judging by the newly-leaked Galaxy S20 wallpapers. Indeed, the display seemingly clocks in at 3,200 by 1,440 pixels on a taller 20:9 aspect ratio. These characteristics will be shared across all three Galaxy S20 models including the standard variant, the S20+, and the S20 Ultra.

The screens employed by these three devices are expected to measure 6.3-inch, 6.7-inch, and 6.9-inch, respectively. This will make the Galaxy S20+ larger than last year’s Galaxy S10+, and the source was able to back up this suspicion by sharing the image below.

Likewise, the source claims that the Galaxy S20 will have an ultrasonic under-display fingerprint scanner. If you were hoping that Samsung will switch to an optic-based solution, you might be disappointed, but on the other hand, there’s still a chance that the Galaxy S20 might have the newer ultrasonic sensor from Qualcomm.

New leaked video shows the Galaxy S20+ up close

The video below is of the alleged Galaxy S20+ 5G. It doesn’t have a standard headphone jack, but the source claims that the phone should ship with a pair of AKG Type-C earbuds in the box, which will presumably be the same as the earbuds shipped along with the Galaxy Note 10 series.

There’s not much else to be said based on this video alone. We’ve pretty much seen all there is to the Galaxy S20+’ exterior design so far, and it’s very unlikely for Samsung to be able and pull any surprises at this point in time.

As for other specifications, the Galaxy S20+ appears to feature 12GB of LPDDR5 RAM – which is now expected to be the base memory option for the series – and the Qualcomm Snapdragon 865. The device will reportedly be powered by a battery with a 4,370Ah rated capacity (4,500mAh typical).

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  • Very disappointing with the resolution, the huge size of the device and lack of useful features like as card and headphones jack

  • No way in hell will I even waste my money on it until the N20 comes out with more refined features. MY addiction to upgrading 2xs or more a year is ludicrous. I have other bills to pay. Thats an educated call and mine only.

    • Same, the camera modules on the bag - mother of G... on top of that again a hole on the screen.

  • SD 865 variants will be everywhere but in Europe sadly, where Exynos 980 variants will be shipped. SD865 is a major improvement over 855, even 855+, but Exynos 980 isn't that much of an improvement over 9825 meaning that Exynos is now even further from SD performance...

    • Yep, we literally will get mid range SOC this time. It can't be just called inferior high tier, the difference is just too big. Won't even start to compare that exynos to the A13.

  • is it just me or is this just uglier than s10
    is bulkier thicker and less refined

    big expectations about s20 seem to be a disappointment in the end

  • This things are becoming so dumg. S20, S20+, S20 Ultra?
    To me this sounds that the new S10e = S20, S10 = S20+ and S10+ = S20 Ultra. Just to make the worse phones more appealing even tho they wont be cheap at all. Just like Apple did with it's iPhones 11, 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max.
    Marketing the names like that makes the phones look better than they should even if they should actually be generational updates, they won't be marketed as "the low tier, normal tier, and bigger tier", now they will be marketed as the "normal tier, bigger tier, and ultra tier" because that S10'e' makes it sound cheaper.
    Just marketing to sell more phones at a higher price.

    • My main issue is the ever growing size. S20 is bigger than the s10, s20+ bigger than the s10+, s20 ultra is even bigger than the note 10+. Just crazy.

      Topping off with issues of the spec difference! Only s20 ultra will have the top end specs!

      Now that the qhd+ can't support 120hz then there is no reason to upgrade from an s10 where I get SD card and headphones jack

      • Quite funny on that one... shipping 1440p display only to run it at 1080p. Also yes, sharpness difference is there and especially obvious in some cases as reading text.

        There should be 1440p@120Hz option (if the panel is able to run that at all as I can't find other logical solution). Actually it's proven that in normal everyday use the battery life is literally the same between 1440p and 1080p. The only difference would be in games that run on the native resolution (most of the heavy games are at lower internal resolution that is scaled to the screen resolution after)... this is another possible reason - hf running most of the games at 120fps, especially with the exynos and ofc if they support it in the first place.

        • i dont know why samsung would be so dumb
          you only have 2 choices 60hz in 1440 or 120hz in 1080
          why not have at least 90hz in 1440
          lets face it no one is going to spend 1000£/E on a phone to run it in 1080p esp with these crazy big screens
          so then why bother offer 120HZ if its useless on the native resolution
          better leave it as it is and skip this year new phone launch all together
          like i said earlier - i have a feeling it will be a big disappointment this year - in terms of S20 range - people clearly are hoping high for the new range and whilst there are some impressive specs most seem to come at some expense or limitations that means in the end the day to day customer wont actually get anything worth the £££ they are trying to get

          • Speak for yourself. I run my Note on 1080P and I don't see a perceptible difference compared to 1440, except that the phone is less smooth on 1440P