Galaxy S20 FE’s biggest problem hasn’t been fixed yet

Reports about the Galaxy S20 FE touchscreen issues came to light not long after Samsung released its budget flagship. Users complained about the 6.5-inch touchscreen becoming unresponsive or reading the inputs erroneously. This caused jittery scrolling, lag in animations, ghost touches and frustrating lag when using pinch to zoom.

Samsung has since released two firmware updates for the Galaxy S20 FE to address the issues. However, many Galaxy S20 FE owners are still experiencing these issues, even if they don’t appear to be as intense as they were initially.

Galaxy S20 FE’s biggest issue still remains

The most recent firmware, G78xxXXU1ATJ5, was released with fixes for the touchscreen issues. It did improve touch responsiveness somewhat but the problems haven’t all gone away. We continue to experience issues with pinch to zoom and jittery scrolling our unit as well.

Reddit is full of complaints from users who continue to face these issues even after the latest update was installed. Pinch to zoom appears to be the most prevalent of the multi-touch issues that users are reporting. It’s irksome for users who do image editing on their phone because flawless pinch to zoom is crucial for a good user experience in that particular scenario.

While the previous update reduced the intensity of the jittery scrolling, it’s still hard to miss. Stopping and lifting your finger after scrolling in an app like Twitter, for example, is still registered as a movement and that’s what creates the jitter. We have experienced all of this on our own device as well.

Naturally, people are now wondering if this issue can be fixed at all. Some believe that Samsung may be trying to fix a hardware problem with a software workaround. There’s some talk of people wanting to or already returning the Galaxy S20 FE. It’s important for Samsung to be more forthcoming with information about what’s going on and if these issues can indeed be fixed.

We have reached out to Samsung for a comment on the matter and will update when we hear back.

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  • Thanks for this, Adnan - you have captured the issue very well and concisely, and very glad to see Sammobile keep up the pressure on Samsung to be more forthcoming re: a proper and permanent fix.

  • The title suggests there are other issues with the S20FE.
    What are they?
    How wide spread is this screen issue.
    Which S20 FE are having it.
    First batch that shipped?
    Navy,Mint and Lavender shipped first.
    Certain Regions?
    Additional software installed?
    Any accompanying issues like battery or connectivity?

    Mine is a white S20 FE with SD865 received on Oct 16th and I have had no issues.

    • Ours also completely problem free since day one. Maybe hardware problems with some devices.

  • Absolutely no problem with my wife's phone. It's been working perfectly from day one before any of these updates.. We've tested everything including pinch to zoom, and every touch operation we can think of. Maybe there's a hardware problem with some devices??