Galaxy Note 9 gets November 2019 security update

The Galaxy Note 9 is also getting updated with the November 2019 security patch this week, along with the Galaxy S9 and S9+. As is often the case, the November update for the Note 9 has debuted on the Exynos-powered model in Germany, but it should be rolling out in other markets in the coming days. The update sports build number N960FXXS4CSJ1.

Samsung detailed the November 2019 security patch earlier today, revealing that it brings fixes for nine critical Android OS vulnerabilities in addition to a slew of high and moderate-risk vulnerabilities. One of these is a fix for a critical vulnerability that was discovered back in September and was found to have been exploited by an Israeli cyber intelligence firm, although the Note 9 was not mentioned on the list of affected devices at the time. The November patch also fixes 39 vulnerabilities that are exclusive to Samsung’s software, information on which can be found here.

The latest Galaxy Note 9 update brings no new features, and owners of the device will have to wait for the Android 10 and One UI 2.0 update for any meaningful changes. If you have a Note 9 and reside in Germany, you can download the update over the air by opening the Settings app on your phone, tapping Software update, followed by Download and install. Alternatively, you can download the latest firmware from our archive and manually upgrade the phone with a Windows PC.

Have you received the November update on your Galaxy Note 9? If yes, do let us know down in the comments, and don’t forget to mention your country as well.

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  • I received this update from Tmobile today, which is pretty cool given that Tmobile hasn't always kept up with security updates. Android 9.0 Baseband version: N960USQS3CSJ1 the size was 182.52 MB and the rollout for Tmobile started November 8th, 2019. My Note 9 received the update today on November 9th.

  • I'm in the USA and my Note 9 just popped up the notification late last night 11-8. I installed it this morning and all my grouped apps on the homepage are in circles now, not square like before where you could see all the apps in that tab. Also, I can no longer move items around / rearrange apps on the home screen. I went into settings and when I get into the advanced settings for display, the homescreen is darkened and I can not click on it. It's driving me nuts. A security update should not have done this. I do not like this "security update" at all.

  • Update is done. But its a week, I am seeing battery drain increased. Its a new phone, a month old. Tried wiping cache partition and other hacks, but seems not improving. Android system is draining battery like anything. Hope some type of OTA update would resolve it.

    • Same here. Note 9 from India. Battery was perfect after September 2019 update but this Nov 2019 update has decreased the Screen on time to <3.5 hrs. Very disappointed. Same Android System battery drain.