Galaxy Note 9 February 2021 security update now deploying

The Galaxy Note 9 might be nearing three, but that doesn’t preclude it from timely security patches; the latest one of which – dated February 1st, 2021 – just started reaching select models. Identified by release version N960FXXS8FUB1, this over-the-air download appeared in Europe on Monday. More specifically, it was sighted in Germany, targeting the international, Exynos 9810 variant of the 2018 flagship.

No other features or changes beyond the February 2021 security update are part of this firmware release. The OTA package has yet to expand beyond Germany, but the first full system images featuring the latest patch are already available for download from our firmware archives. And seeing how popular the Galaxy Note 9 was, this particular rollout might be a bit longer than what is usually the case with devices that released 30+ months ago.

How much longer will the Galaxy Note 9 keep getting monthly security patches?

Regular Android security updates aren’t the only reason why the Galaxy Note 9 still holds up fairly well even today. Though exhaustive software support definitely contributed to this smartphone’s iconic status. As unbelievable as this might sound to someone who bought the LG G7 over the Galaxy Note 9 back in 2018, the latter received another major feature update in late 2020, after already turning two. Just for some hilarious context, this was around the same time that the G7 was getting treated to its second security patch of the year.

Moving forward, Galaxy Note 9 owners can expect another eight or so monthly patches before Samsung downgrades their smartphone to a quarterly release cycle. In other words, a mirror of what happened to its direct predecessor earlier this year. Does that mean it’s time for an upgrade, though? Find out here.

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