Galaxy A51 5G and Galaxy A21s added to the mid-range lineup in France

After the Galaxy A41, Samsung is bringing two more Galaxy A (2020) smartphones to France, namely the Galaxy A51 5G and the more budget-conscious Galaxy A21s. The former will go on sale at the end of the month via Samsung’s online store and partner retailers across France, whereas the latter should pop up on the company’s e-shop at any moment, seeing how support pages are already live.

Samsung France hasn’t revealed any pricing details for the Galaxy A51 5G and Galaxy A21s, but the 5G model will hit the shelves in black, pink, and white. Galaxy A21s buyers will get to choose from the colors black, blue, and white. Both smartphones will ship alongside a two-month subscription to YouTube Premium for free.

Two mid-range phones that couldn’t be any different

Although both the Galaxy A51 5G and Galaxy A21s belong to the same smartphone lineup, they could hardly be any different in terms of specifications. They do share a similar 6.5-inch display diagonal, but the Galaxy A51 5G has a higher resolution and a Super AMOLED panel instead of a PLS TFT. It’s also 5G-enabled, while the Galaxy A21s is limited to LTE connectivity.

Likewise, both models have a 48MP wide-angle main camera, but the other sensors comprising the quad-camera system – as well as the selfie shooters – are very different from one model to the other. And while the Galaxy A21s is powered by an Exynos 850 SoC, the Galaxy A51 5G conceals an Exynos 980 chipset under the hood. All these differences combined should lead to a price gap of around $350-$400, at least judging by Samsung’s launch prices in other markets.

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