New Samsung Galaxy Note 10 teaser entices power users

The Galaxy Note series has always been geared towards power users. It offers features that aim to help people who need to work on the move. So it’s no surprise that Samsung is playing this up again ahead of the Galaxy Note 10’s launch.

Samsung is due to launch the Galaxy Note 10 next month. As expected, it’s going to be aimed at power users. This will be the first time that Samsung offers two different models of the same Note flagship. The larger display will certainly be appreciated by many users.

Galaxy Note 10 teaser is all about being productive

This Galaxy Note 10 teaser has been posted on Twitter by Samsung Indonesia. It’s all about getting work done, whether it’s through DeX on an external monitor or with the S Pen on the device itself. The claim here being that users won’t have to juggle multiple devices to get work done. They will be all set with the Galaxy Note 10.

That’s obviously not to say that the Galaxy Note 10 will be able to replace your notebook. Even tablets have yet to do that. However, the additional functionality provided by Note handsets do make it somewhat more plausible to get some actual work done on your smartphone.

The Galaxy Note 10 will certainly have flagship-level specs so it will be an Android powerhouse. Samsung may also offer new software functionality to further aid the power users. It will talk about all of the improvements made to the Galaxy Note 10 next month. The Galaxy Note 10 launch event has been scheduled for August 7 in New York City.


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Sugit Pupillam
Sugit Pupillam

I have a pixel 2 XL. It’s time for me to get a new phone. I really want to get the Galaxy Note 10, but if it doesn’t have the new 5x optical zoom, I just will not be able to justify paying $400 more than the One Plus 7 Pro.


It’s not just plausible to get work done on a Note, it’s been the business and power users phone since the first one. However, will this one be a mistake like the Note 5 and do away with what power users need, the convenience of removable storage and the headphone jack which allows for phone conversation in noisy industrial environments with electrical interference? Bluetooth is useless in electrically charged areas. I hope they remembered what the power user needs. I don’t use it myself but our colleagues who are repairing dental x-ray and ct scanners do have Note8 and Note9… Read more »


Seems to be a massive emphasis on continuity – you reckon they’ve teamed up with Microsoft to bring Apple like continuity to desktops?
They’ve already re introduced calls and messaging on tablets.
Or Maybe they’re introducing a Samsung Dex desktop with their own Samsung Dex OS? That will rival apples? Exciting stuff for power users for sure!


Dia 7 ou 8