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Thread: Please Help!!! Android 4.0.4 Icecream Sandwich minor bugs

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    Please Help!!! Android 4.0.4 Icecream Sandwich minor bugs

    Hi, I recently Downloaded an upgrade for my Samsung Galaxy SII I9100G firmware 4.0.3 Icecream Sandwich in fact the download link says 4.0.3 but phone info displays Android 4.0.4, Hosting Country Kenya and successfully upgraded my phone but i seem to face some issues that i don't understand as to why is it so and i need help on that:-
    1. When i press the power button the phone switches off immediately this was not the case with Gingerbread, I expected to have phone options like Restart,Turn off e.t.c but it won't pop up the options to undertake instead it just turns off the phone

    2.When i inset a Sim-Card that has a pin code it won't recognize it to automatically pop up key pad to allow you to unlock the Sim-card, However i have discovered when you go to Security>Set up SIM Card Lock and re-enter and reset previous pin code that's when it will decode the SIM card and allow you to use the service, This seem very strange to me as to why should it be so and not pop up key pad automatically the first time you switch on your phone to allow you to enter the pin code and unlock the SIM Card?

    3. I tried to secure my phone by enabling phone lock by the use of pattern but it won't activate the security option after the phone Goes to sleep or even after turning it off and turning it on again it will not enable the security feature.

    Please help!!!!
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    As you upgraded from Gingerbread, you are advised to Factory Reset before and after flashing.
    This removes any conflicts with the previous firmware, that you appear to be having.
    If this doesn't resolve your problems, then providing your phone is not locked to a network, I would suggest flashing firmware from another country.

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