I'm trying to sync the contacts in my SGS2 with Hotmail using KIES I should say that what I am hoping to achieve is that contacts now in my phone will appear in the contacts list in my Outlook account (on Hotmail.co.uk) when I access that account from my PC - and vice versa. If KIES is designed to ensure that the sync works only FROM my Outlook account TO my phone then I'm asking the wrong question here - I should be asking where can I go to find out how to sync FROM phone TO Outlook?

I'm using KIES in the intuitively obvious way: selecting the SyncTab out of the 3 Tabs presented in KIES under Windows 7 (Basic Information; Sync; Back-up/Restore), selecting 'Outlook' for the 'sync. contacts with' option, selecting 'all contacts'; specifying the relevant folder in the 'folder of Outlook'; selecting 'Sync the Outlook category with the contact group of this device' and, finally pressing the Sync button (top right hand corner).

Sync proceeds to about 64% complete and then there is no further progress -even after some days of waiting.

When it examine my hotmail account via chrome on another PC I see no new contacts in the 'people' category.

What am I doing wrong?

As an ancilliary question, I am able to use that hotmail account without any problem via my browser: I can send and received email. Indeed some emails from some senders actually get delivered to my phone too. I notice that all such users appear in my phone's contact list with an 'outlook' icon next to their name. At no point have I used the MS Outlook app to achieve all this, but when I started to learn how to use KIES to achieve sync between my phone and my hotmail account, I got the impression what would have to install and set-up the outlook app on the PC and create an account that specified my hotmail id before the sync would work. No matter what I do I end up with 2 accounts with the same name in my Outlook app and neither of them has a contacts list which matches either my phone or the web-based hotmail.co.uk account.

I have used the outlook to hotmail connector on the PC but there is clearly something in the setup that I don't understand.

Why is it this hard to sync my phone with my hotmail account?