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Thread: [ROM] Gt-S 5570 FlatzkiROM Miui V.I

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    Arrow [ROM] Gt-S 5570 FlatzkiROM V.2 Final small ROM + BIG Pack

    Today a new version is Online

    Lets look what is inside..

    Based on emanoN ROM - full fixed his mistakes
    this is in his version 3 ( only the Base )
    VERY IMPORTANT: Initial issue - for some reason boot animation does not get killed after boot complete. So if you are going to use custom boot animations, you'll have to edit them so that they won't loop infinitely.
    -Android 2.3.5 (S5570XWKS7)
    -Kernel updates: OC no longer requires dalvik-cache to sd-ext, new CPU Governors and I/O Schedulers
    -14 statusbar toggle buttons (customizable via QuickPanel Settings). WARNING: Do NOT use flashlight toggle, you'll get force close
    -Random bootanimations pre-enabled because of the initial issue indicated above
    -ICS transition animations
    -Startup sound is back. To change, get any wav or mp3 file and rename it to "poweron.ogg" and place it in "/system/etc" folder. To disable, delete or rename the said file
    -Still stock theme, I just replaced those crappy statusbar icons with CM7
    -Replaced darktremor apps2sd with S2E
    -Menu button unlocks screen
    -98% odexed system. The following apps are left deodex for theming: mms, dialer, contacts, settings, systemui, and music. More space in data partition (170mb after install)
    -OpenVPN pre-enabled (as requested)
    -sqlite patch integrated in ROM (no longer optional). More in for about this HERE
    -Removed CSC folder
    -SD mount script and busybox from CM7
    -Organized scripts in init.d folder for transparency and easy identification so you can easily disable them to revert to default system values
    -Better RAM management
    -Apps update:
    Updated versions of all market apps + Market
    Clock widget replaced with Digital and Dual clock widgets from Samsung Galaxy Y
    File Expert replaced with File Manager. To obtain root access ==> File Manager > Settings > Root Explorer
    CPU Master replaced with No-frills CPU Control
    a2sdGUI replaced with s2e
    Added ROM Manager, Spare Parts, and Screen Capture Shortcut

    What have I do:
    Deodexed all files,
    optimized all apks
    BusyBox changed
    RamScript fixed
    Updater_script fixed
    New Launcher with a lot of themes

    About the launcher:
    360 Launcher:

    Extremely Smooth <<< You won't find another launcher which is as smooth as this. Don't trust me? Try it out!
    Extremely Clear
    Just Amazing

    This is a combination of QQ Launcher and MXHome. It has a lot of features such as some free downloadable theme, animation, etc. If you love ADW, you will love it even much. Want to know more about it? Head to this site.

    (based on Beta 1.1)

    Download theme from its site
    Download wallpaper from its site
    Quick launcher widget (power widget)
    Built in clock widget
    Built in power saving widget (more setting requires 360 Battery Guard)
    Folder in Home screen
    Folder in Launcher
    Unlimited apps in a Folder
    Built in lock screeen
    Icon translation animation in Home screen
    Icon translation animation in App Drawer
    Hide application

    • Android 4.0.
      HTC Sense
      Olden Toy Horse
      Windows 7

    All themes u can find on ur SdCard /Themes


    U find ur new bootanimationen under /bootanimations. I u want to change ur bootanimation, delet bootanimation101 - bootanimation104 and copy ur own into this folder and rename it to bootanimation101 and its working!

    ROMDesign :
    the sytemUI, framework and twframework-res.apk have a new design, its from me and is maked with Ultimate Online Theme Kitchen.
    Overglow effect inside now ( u know it from cyanogenmod.....

    Sony MusicPlayer inside with a new theme. More themes in the next update...
    Clean up from shit stock widgets xD
    Sense Widget :
    • Facebook

    Fancy Widgets
    wallpapers from CM 7.1.0
    Community Hero Mix WP
    MyFiles replaced
    New FontSytle
    Carrier Changer

    This ROM is Overclocked, the standart speed is set to 600 mhz. If u want more speed use the installed app No-frills and set the speed that u want. My Phone is running on 710 mhz and its running very well.

    Files Online Now (small ROM ): or

    Big Packed ROM ONLINE ( u need min 300 mb free space on ur sdcard for this ),

    What is inside... All from the small pack and many more...
    in base:
    • MIUIcamera_v17_Fixed2
    • QuickPic_v1.3.2
    • PhotoWidget

    Fancy Widget Pack - a lot of skins for FancyWidget.
    app pack - u find it on ur sdcard /apps
    • applanet ( black market )
    • dropbox
    • googlemaps
    • quasrantscore
    • titanium backup
    • whatsapp
    Game Pack - on sdcard /games
    • Angry Birds Normal
    • Angry Birds Session
    • Angry Birds Rio
    • Robodefense

    Launcher Pack - on sdcard /launchers
    • Tenchu ( for Miui Look )
    • AWD Launcher
    • Gingerbread Launcher
    • HElauncher
    • Launcher 7 ( Windows Launcher Like )
    • GoLauncher
    • Launcher Pro
    • Launcher Pro Sense Like + Sense Themes
    • ReginaLauncher
    • TouchWiz30Launcher
    • Zeam Launcher

    LiveWallpapers on sdcard /LWallpapers
    50 amazing Live Wallpapers
    MusicPlayer Pack on sdcard /player
    • Walkman pure
    • Blue
    • Black
    • Green
    • Purple
    • Spectrum
    • Grey
    • Rainbow

    New Wallpapers on sdcard /wpaper

    addet new Ringtone ( the Pate ) look into ringtonelist
    addet new notificationssound ( u got mail ) look into notifications list

    the standart launcher has a little bug, but here is the way to fix it. if u have take the screenlock from the launcher and u reboot ur phone he canīt lock into ur network. go into the launchersetting, take off the lockscreen and he start the network ( codewindow) after this make ur lockscreen on again

    Update to Offical Android 2.3.6 for galaxy mini


    Flash Clockworkod Recovery :
    skip this step if you have clockworkmod installed on your phone

    Download :tass-recovery-cwm.tar
    Open S5570_Odin Multi Downloader v4.38.exe
    Select TASS.Ops on OPS Section
    Check One Package in Option
    Select tass-recovery-cwm.tar on One Package Section
    Press Start to start flashing

    Flash FlatzkiROM :

    Download and copy the latest FlatzkiROM to SD Card
    Reboot to Recovery Mode
    Select install zip from sd car
    Select choose zip from sd card
    Select the new FlatzkiROM R
    Select Yes - Install update
    Wait till the Installation is finish
    Select reboot system now

    FlatzkiROM_v.2_Final: ,
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails SC20111127-122504.jpg   SC20111127-122515.jpg   SC20111127-122806.png   SC20111127-122329.jpg   SC20111127-122456.jpg  

    SC20111127-122527.jpg   SC20111127-122705.png   SC20111127-122649.png   SC20111127-122632.jpg   SC20111127-122721.png  

    SC20111127-122238.jpg   SC20111127-122742.jpg   SC20111127-122222.jpg   SC20111127-122213.jpg   SC20111127-123154.jpg  

    SC20111127-123038.jpg   SC20111127-123017.png   SC20111127-122946.png   SC20111127-122939.jpg   SC20111127-122909.png  

    SC20111127-122852.jpg   SC20111127-122836.jpg   SC20111127-122822.jpg   SC20111127-123353.jpg   SC20111127-123406.jpg  

    SC20111127-123534.jpg   SC20111127-123545.jpg   SC20111127-123806.jpg  
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    this is miui rom?

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    screenshot please..

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    Red face

    finally there is also a rom for samsung galaxy mini miui..........
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    FlatzkiROM Miui v.1
    i cannot open it.
    Who can download them to send to my mailbox
    my mailads [email protected]

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    Quote Originally Posted by s578883646 View Post
    this is miui rom?
    no this is not real miui but the next roms i wanna port the real miui. I work on it. Give me time pls

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    Quote Originally Posted by s578883646 View Post
    FlatzkiROM Miui v.1
    i cannot open it.
    Who can download them to send to my mailbox
    my mailads [email protected]
    direkt link

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    Quote Originally Posted by andreleonhart View Post
    screenshot please..
    go to madteam forum. There pics inside

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    From madteam forum
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    is this Rom support Arabic

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