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Thread: Change german Galaxy SIII to a Chinese

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    Change german Galaxy SIII to a Chinese

    I would like to buy a German GT-I9300 Android 4.0.4 for my Chinese wife.
    Would it be enough to change the PDA and CSC so that she can use it with all the stuff on board ?

    In other words change it to a Chinese GT-I9300 with :
    PDA : I9300ZCBLH3 and CSC : I9300CHNBLH3 or do I need to perform other changes ?

    Thx for your support,
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    ~moved thread to correct Galaxy S3 section

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    Ok, you've found the right section, so let's see if we can help you
    Three things come to my mind:
    1. Open up the available languages on your s3.
    To do this visit Wanam's site and look at the link for language enabler:
    2. Install the firmware for China.
    Take a look here:
    3. If it is ok to have the current language on the phone, but you want a Chinese keyboard, then go to Play Store and install an alternative keyboard.
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