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Thread: [I9000][ROM] JellyBeanRom JVT v3 [TW3][TW4]

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    [I9000][ROM] JellyBeanRom JW4 Value Pack

    At the begining I would like to say that this is my virgin rom, not only for i9000 but of all, so please give me some credit. I apreciate every opinion as long as it's not insulting. Besides, I decided to cook this rom for my self, with options that I use mainly, but of course, every advice will be taken into consideration. Why such name for the rom? Simply, I love all kinds of jellybeans, and similar sweets

    While everybody is exciting with ICS ports, I give you good 'ol G-bread, fast, stable and yet beautiful.

    Screenshots (click for full size):




    - freshly leaked base XXJW4, Android 2.3.6
    - modem XXJW4
    - multicsc
    - deodexed
    - zipaligned
    - rooted, with Superuser.apk added
    - added busybox
    - multilang, every lang that stock rom uses is available
    - deleted almost all Samsung's apps and also Google Maps, as I don't use them, they can be installed manually
    - TouchWiz 4 with settings (under menu/TW Settings)
    - modded framework and systemUI, my custom theme, a'la ICS & Oldschool themed like previous releases of JBR
    - MiLocker for advanced lockscreen selection
    - AppWidgetPicker
    - Extended power menu
    - CRT-off animation
    - Overscroll Glow
    - Custom window animations
    - Battery %
    - Microbes Live Wallpaper
    - some init.d scripts and build.prop mods
    - SGSII stock keyboard
    - modded mms.apk (no sms auto convert + no contact limit)
    - modded camera.apk (power button shoot + shooting possible on <15% battery)
    - SGS Kernel Flasher, FasterFix, CF Root Ext4 Tools added
    - 3D Blur Fix
    - RTL support
    - kernel CF-Root JW4, to make an RFS->EXT4 conversion you have to use Chainfire's EXT tools (they're added)

    Attention!! First boot will be longer. Bootanimation will start repeating, but the system will boot normally, after couple seconds.

    JW4 v2 - added 10 toggles in notifications (each toggle jumps to specific settings after long press)
    - some minor theme tweaks
    - keyboard fc fix
    - libs tweaks
    - scripts speed tweaks
    - two versions: Oldschool - themed like previous versions of JBR & ICS fully themed like Android 4.0
    - reverted some stock apps
    JW4 - initial version
    JVT Final - two versions, 13 toggles and normal toggles
    JVT v4 - added 16 lockscreens & 14 notification toggles
    - added ICS Music Player
    - TW4 as an addon
    JVT v3 - kernel changed to Semaphore 1.8.2
    - framework-res.apk & framework.jar changes
    - bootanimation changed to Galaxy Nexus
    - added Ice Cream Sandwich wallpapers
    - two versions available - TW3 & TW4
    - updated Superuser to 3.0.6 & su binary to 3.0.3
    JVT v2 - launcher changed to TW4.5 by Fr4gg0r
    - slightly modded framework
    - updated FasterFix and Kernel Flasher
    - added Email.apk, EmailWidget.apk and WeatherClockWidget.apk from SGS2
    - added about 70 FlipFonts (choosable in Settings\Display\Font style)
    - added "fly in" windows animation
    - deleted SocialHub, InfoAlarm.apk, etc.
    - boot sound recovered
    JVT v1 - initial version
              - added Framework Fix for Volume bar
              - added package with Bubble Battery
    Final - added 10 lockscreens (choosable in Settings>Lockscreen settings)
           - added JKay's Theme Settings (editable power menu, statusbar, etc.)
           - added custom window animations
           - added overscroll glow
           - added Roboto.ttf from Ice Cream Sandwich
    v4.5 - new gsm radio JVT
     - rebuilt framework - added some transparency
     - edited init.d script, should be faster
    v4 - couple modifications under the hood
        - finally fixed multicsc
        - TouchWiz exchanged for stock Gingerbread Launcher (TW was causing boot problems)
    v3 - kernel changed to GalaxianEE JVS
        - reverted My Files and Job Manager
        - partially added Acid Tweaks
        - correct MultiCSC
        - added Microbes Live Wallpaper
        - home button long press Job Manager lag fixed
        - added Russian SER region csc
    v2 - appwidgetpicker added
        - framework tweaks
        - added % battery
        - CRT-off animation added
        - SGS Kernel Flasher added
        - extended power menu
        - bootsound recovered
        - SGSII stock keyboard added
        - modded mms.apk (no sms auto convert + no contact limit)
        - modded camera.apk (power button shoot + shooting possible on <15% battery)
        - added 3D Blur fix
        - dialer landscape support
    v1 - initial version
    - Added battery fix, for battery not displaying correctly - Only for v1!!!


    JellyBeanRom JW4 Oldschool No Wipe

    Phone FC Fix JBR Oldschool

    JellyBeanRom JW4 ICS No Wipe

    Phone FC Fix JBR ICS

    Old versions:
    JellyBeanRom JW4 No Wipe
    LatinIME Keyboard FC fix
    JellyBeanRom JVT Final 13 Toggles No Wipe
    JellyBeanRom JVT Final Normal No Wipe
    JellyBeanRom JVT Final Bubble Battery
    JellyBeanRom JVT Final Vertical Stock Battery
    JellyBeanRom JVT Final Liquid Battery
    Apps pack from SGS2: Reader's Hub, Weather Clock, Digital Clock, Email, Email Widget, Social Hub (Recovery zip)
    Package with Samsung stock apps deleted from the rom - Aldiko, Buddies Now, Days, Dual Clock, Job Manager, Mini Diary, My Files, Press Reader, Samsung Widgets, Thinkdroid office, Unified Inbox & Write and Go plus Maps with Street View:
    JellyBeanRom JVS Final No Wipe


    Q. How can I convert partitions to Ext4?
    A. If you want to convert partitions to EXT4, firstly you have to change kernel for this operation as Galaxian encounters some bug and is not mounting SD for some reason. Secondly, you should use ext4 tools by Chainfire which are built in the rom.

    Q. How to turn on the CRT animation?
    A. You have to turn on all animations in Display settings.

    Q. Rom is not booting or working incorrectly, what should I do??
    A. If you have been running any other custom rom based on JVS, then You HAVE TO perform full wipe!

    Q. How to change lockscreen?
    A. Go to Settings\Lockscreen menu\Lockscreen Settings and choose one in Lockscreen style option. Attention!! Lockscreen settings in Theme.apk apply only to JKay's lockscreen!! Others won't work!

    Q. How to edit Power menu options?
    A. Go to Theme Settings and choose options under Phone options dialog position. If you want to disable the title in Power menu, uncheck Phone options title.


    - my beloved Girlfriend for not killing me while I'm working on the rom
    - Faryaab & Coldflid for their great roms
    - dsi xda for the kitchen
    - Daneshm90 for apk manager
    - boombuler for appwidgetpicker
    - $omator for some of his smali's and xml's
    - raksan for GB 3D Blur Fix
    - sbrissen for TSM Parts
    - JKay for JKay's Theme Settings
    - Fr4gg0r for SGS Tools & TW4.5
    - The_Double for FasterFix
    - Team Obsessed for 16 lockscreens and parts of the layout
    - neldar for SGS Kernel Flasher
    - Chainfire for ext4 tools
    - dsexton702 for Acid Tweaks a.k.a Samsung Adrenaline Shot v6
    - stratosk for the kernel
    - friends at for their support, mainly Ryrzy, XTeK & Format
    - coffee, for keeping me up all night playing with the kitchen
    - anyone I didn't mention but used their work

    If I you feel like being on this list, just remind me, and I will add you.

    I'm collecting money for a new device so if you feel, that my work is worth something, you can consider donating a buck or two DONATE

    I've already been drinking with:



    Please do not copy this thread on any other forums or websites without my permission, also please do not make mirrors. Link only to this thread.

    Attention!! You are flashing this rom on your own responsibility!! Rom is cooked by myself, it has been tested by myself, and I did everything to make it work correctly, but I take no responsibility if you brake something during flashing or using this rom (I give 100% that nothing will happen).
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    Thank You

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    Can you confert it for galaxy mini??

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    New version in the first post.

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    Another update in the first post. A proper V2.

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    I've added packages fixing Phone.apk FC and adding QuickPanelSettings, which should work, but I can't guarantee it as I didn't test it (I'm on another rom currently).

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    Been looking for a good Jellybean Samsung ROM because I used titanium backup for contacts and stuff. I just installed Cyanogenmod v9 and the contacts will restore but they don't appear. I thought this may be because of the different phone.apk Samsung and Cyanogenmon uses.

    If I installed this, will the contacts work? I might have to find this out myself anyway but yeah. Anyhelp would be good.

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    I am using samsung galaxy s2 and the android version is 2.3 gingerbread...I want to upgrade it to jelly bean..kindly suggest me out..
    I tried kies but it shows upgrading not supported..

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