Basically I have a Samsung Galaxy Ace and I'm trying to follow this procedure to flash and root the phone:

It suggested I register at sam mobile to get the appropriate firmware which could then be extracted, and the files used in odin 4.38. The problem is the files which are meant to be there don't seem to be, so I don't know now if this is the right download.

It says "Select from extracted archive: OPS-OPS, Boot-APBOOT, Phone-MODEM, PDA-CODE, CSC-CSC (leave EFS and One Package empty)"

Sorry if this is a stupid question, but I have so much bloatware from my optus phone, so much that it won't let me install apps or even receive messages at times. The phone seems like such a waste. I've spent the past two days trying to root it, but no matter what I do I still can't seem to get super user access to delete the useless apps. There are 27 of them btw. Basically, this method was my last resort before I throw the phone at a brick wall in frustration. What can I do to get the firmware to work in odin?