SO here is the story, I want to factory reset (restore, return to stock...). Im a " noob" to rooting and after going on many adventures such as destroying the stock android OS, backups being unusables, recoverys failing, and CSC not being correct to update android in custom ROMs. Its safe to say I dont like rooting now, to much power or danger for this "noob". My device was a samsung galaxy note 10.1 8013 version 4.1.2. This is all I can remember since the stock burnt to shreds. When looking up roms I get quite confused.

when browsing roms my info should be this:
Tablet android GT-N8013 - Galaxy note 10.1 WIFI United States

But its like this
Tablet android GT-N8010 - Galaxy note 10.1 WIFI China???

Three question arise for me:
1) Thought the N8013 was the WIFI edition? But on sammobile the N8010 is?
2) my country is US but its definitly not listed. Pretty sure its made in china, so do I pick that, load it, and then it will let me chosse what language?
3) once downloaded I load it into Odin corrrect (PDA option)

Thank you to all that help. I dont know about anyone else but Id rather have a tablet then an expensive paperweight!