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    Post stock+ by $omator

    long story short this is pack of modifications made to the latest stock I9000 firmware
    making it look and behave as it should at the first place released by Samsung
    all the modifications and fixes picked by me are 'safe' - phone is 100% reliable

    moreover it is always based on the latest firmware
    it is always made using latest reverse enginering tools aviable

    thing that 9 on 10 so called roms out there is missing...
    you can find all download links on 'the project' facebook site:

    >>> <<<<

    GALLERY link via facebook (this forum got 4 pictures limit for me)

    + BROWSERFIX - FULLSCREEN + background fix for transparent background + max tab number extended from 4 to 8
    + VOLSNDFIX - changes the annoying tone of volume_change on keypress to CUSTOMIZABLE mp3 file
    (those files are located in /system/media/audio/ui/ files Volume-1.mp3 to Volume-7.mp3)

    + NOT LAGGING STOCK BROWSER - just stating obious fact =)
    + Final FIX for Phone FORCE CLOSE
    + % battery xml status/loading + rom-g's battery mod (lots of battery types in customizations)
    + CRT 'screen off animation' (optional version wo CRT screen off animation)
    + Extended power menu /reboot,recovery,download mode/
    + GSM/Wifi/Data Connection icons turns green/colored when connected (few data connection png types in customizations)
    + Fully enabled SIP Wifi/3g
    + AOSP lockscreen / Glass-Stock Lockscreen
    + Enabled stay awake for ac and usb in settings/applications/development
    + "Use incoming call volume for notifications" tweak
    + Enabled dock options
    + Status bar a bit transparent (100% transparent version also aviable)
    + Notification area transparent and tweaked: removed carrier text, size tweaks, clear button moved
    (you can make statusbat, notification dropdown maitaining other modifications with file attached in customization section)
    + Phone hack: autorotating dialer and call screen / non increasing ringtone
    + Mms hacks: no conversion to mms after 3 smses / 100 recivers / send time
    + Camera hacks: 'Low Battery' Hack + 'Shutter' Hack + Audio Hack (no audio hack version also aviable in customization)
    + Touchwiz3 tweks: 5 icon dock, transparent appdrawer, transparent shortcut area in appdrawer, no app icon background, 4x4 stock appdrawer and workspace (landsca version also aviable in customization)

    on top of that there are a lot of customization aviable also on facebook under Customizations tab on FAEBOOK page

    i will be glad to anserw all your questions and take all sugestions here or on facebook
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