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Thread: how to delete original apps?!

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    how to delete original apps?!

    Hy, i've searched everywhere and i didn't get a good answer is my can i delete apps like navigation, caster, music hub, yahoo etc from original firmware without/with not affecting kies recognition.
    i tryed trix and tkfileexplorer...none working. maybe some tested hints.
    the logi tells me there is an app wich can delete/ uninstal base apps but wich and how???

    thank you very much guys.

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    your answer is only with: wave remaker you can change your CSC and ShpApp
    with stune or tkfile: only some files but always a default icon (OSP\applications\xxxxxxxxx)

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    meanwhile i discovered wave remaker and it's working, for the first time.
    i will do a "bad" thing and i will use custom firmwares to guide trough the entire process (bouth oppened in the same time) and i hope i will be able to delete everything i want.
    at the end if it will work i will let everyone know.

    L.E. except the java apps, caster, music hub i wish to delete also navigation, voice com and google these are the main purposes, and why not all languages except Romanian and English also T9.
    i accept all help you ppl can provide.
    thank you.
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