Hi Guys

So i dug my old UK Tab 3 (SM-210) out and it was stuck in a boot loop. Couldn't get into the recovery menu but could get into the Odin menu. I looked for firmware online and accidentally flashed mt Tab 3 with T210XXANC2_XEGANC2...

Once it rebooted, i immediately noticed i had used a German CSC, as the default language was German, and it had German 1&1 branded bloatware.

So instead i searched for a BTU version and flashed that. no matter which BTU firmware i use, if i open the recovery menu on startup, it tells me

'Applying Multi-CSC...'
'Applied the CSC-code: XEG'
'Successfully applied multi-CSC'

But i notice a strange thing. If I download and open Phone Info SAM app, That tells me the following:

'Original CSC Code: XEG'
'Firmware's CSC code: BTU'
Active CSC Code: BTU'

But at the same time, recovery boot menu still tells me it's CSC XEG

can any one advice me?