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Thread: I think I have conjunctivitis...

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    I think I have conjunctivitis...

    I think I have all the symptoms of conjunctivitis. It is manifested by redness of the eyeballs and lacrimation. There is also a strong itching and irritation. Which terribly pisses me off and makes me want to scratch my whole body. This is also accompanied by an additional discharge of mucus and pus. I'm afraid to go to the doctor. Because it's a pandemic out there. And a lot of people who are sick are in the hospital. It can be treated at home. Even in this severe form. If so, how?

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    Yes, it looks like conjunctivitis. I dripped levomycitin drops optivar (eye drops) 2-3 times a day, and at night I put an ointment on my eyelids that the doctor prescribed, I do not remember the name. The disease is very contagious, you should immediately allocate a separate towel, change the pillowcases on the pillow and wash your hands with soap after contact with the eyes. You should also see a doctor, because there are different types of conjunctivitis

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