How expensive is life in Dubai? The question this question may raise in the mind of every individual who plans to spend a part of their life in Dubai, is "How Expensive is Life in Dubai?" This question may throw some light on the question, "How Expensive is Life in General?" In order to understand the answer to this question we need to know what exactly it is that makes life in Dubai so expensive. First, you must know that the rates of Real Estate Companies in Dubai are not regulated by law or any other external authority; there is no regulatory authority keeping a check on the price of Real Estate properties in Dubai.

The lack of an official regulator has its own advantages for the Real Estate companies and their clients. This means that the prices of properties in Dubai are allowed to fluctuate according to market and demand conditions. Another reason for the increase in the price of properties in Dubai is the rapid growth of the city's population, which has doubled in the last fifteen years. But it has also led to a sharp fall in the price of construction materials and labor, as more workers are imported into the city. The fall in the number of construction workers and the rise in the number of home owners have both reduced the demand for property in Dubai.

Therefore, the question "How Expensive is Life in Dubai?" can only be answered with the fact that Dubai has one of the most successful business structures in the world, which allows them to attract new investments and provide affordable housing for its citizens. Dubai has a well-developed transportation system, and Dubaiis the only city in the world that possesses two international airports, which serve the needs of the international flights coming into the city. The real estate company may provide you with an accurate answer to the question, but you must ask yourself - what is really expensive about living in Dubai?