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Thread: Watch 4 Classic issues

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    Angry Watch 4 Classic issues

    If watch stops tracking heart rate for some reason during training it never start tracking again to end of trainning. You have to run another trainning to watch start tracking heart rate. It's very annoying and for now this watch is useless for sport activities until update fix that issue. S3 Frontier if loses tracking heart rate after some time start again tracking but GW4 dont.
    Second issue is with notifications- after update samsung calendar don't wake up display and watch don't vibrating

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    t seems that quite a few of us have by now received the new watches, so I thought it might be useful to collect here all the problems we've encountered and the possible solutions. My quarrels with my Watch4 44 mm (used with Galaxy S20) so far are relatively minor. These are:

    When an app is active on the screen at the moment of switching to the ambient display (AOD), the watch doesn't show the ambient mode of the watch face, but just the time with the app blurred in the background. This makes no sense to me.

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    Watch 4 was just released in Australia Friday Sept 10th.

    I got my Watch 4 Classic 46mm LTE SM-R895F last night and so far love it, I immediately paired with Wear App on my Note S20 Ultra 5G and
    updated Firmware/Software Update.
    Did the usual Google and Samsung Account registering which was automatic, and updated about 6 Apps and a few via Galaxy Store.

    Being LTE you don need to be connect to Phone to use Watch and or phone can be totally off.

    One thing I would like to see is the ability to Totally Turn OFF Bluetooth, say if this was available on or in the Quick Toggle or Quick Panel drop down as it does not exist.
    Yes there is one for BT Headset on off toggle, but not main BT off or on the Watch.
    Therefore BT is always active on the Watch even if not paired to anything, as I said you do not need it on all the time and is just an unnecessarily battery drain.

    My other issue is Googles App of FIND MY DEVICE (green) can not be downloaded from Google Play Store and run on Watch.??
    Yes there may be other apps, but I have multiple devices that I use FIND MY Device with, in fact this app shows the image of Watch 4, but says Device is not turned on when it is definitely on and GPS is working.
    also it shows correct Battery percentage, but says device (watch) is not turned on.
    I want to keep all my GPS Devices Find My Device on this one Google App.
    Yes there is a shortcut on Watch to page your Phone to find your Phone, but not the other way around and the GPS location of Watch, what if I lost the watch.

    Just two issues would be good to fix and or add.

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    Galaxy watch 4 Classic 46mm will be my go-to if only I stop seeing as many cons concerning it.

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    is nice to know

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    Watch 4 was simply delivered in Australia Friday Sept tenth.

    I got my Watch 4 Exemplary 46mm LTE SM-R895F the previous evening thus far affection it, I promptly matched with Wear Application on my Note S20 Ultra 5G and

    refreshed Firmware/Programming Update.

    Did the standard Google and Samsung Record enlisting which was programmed, and refreshed around 6 Applications and a couple by means of Cosmic system Store.

    Being LTE you wear should be interface with Telephone to utilize Watch as well as telephone can be absolutely off.

    One thing I might want to see is the capacity to Thoroughly Mood killer Bluetooth, say in case this was accessible on or in the Fast Switch or Speedy Board drop down as it doesn't exist.

    Indeed there is one for BT Headset on off switch, however not principle BT off or on the Watch.

    In this way BT is consistently dynamic on the Watch regardless of whether not matched to anything, as I said you needn't bother with it on constantly and is only a superfluously battery channel.

    My other issue is Googles Application of FIND MY Gadget (green) can not be downloaded from Google Play Store and run on Watch.??

    Indeed there might be other applications, however I have numerous gadgets that I use FIND MY Gadget with, truth be told this application shows the picture of Watch 4, yet says Gadget isn't turned on when it is most certainly on and GPS is working.

    additionally it shows right Battery rate, however says gadget (watch) isn't turned on.

    Kroger Feed

    I need to keep every one of my GPS Gadgets Find My Gadget on this one Google Application.

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