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Thread: Creating an Interactive Map

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    Creating an Interactive Map

    How to create an interactive map? I need it for my presentation at work. To make it easier for my audience to absorb the information. And all the area I want to show them was clear.

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    You can create an interactive map at and it's very easy. Namely:
    - Enter your location data into a spreadsheet.
    - Copy and paste the data into the location data field. Which you will find on the ShowMyMap homepage .
    - Follow the prompt. To set and edit your location fields. The location items you want to display on the map. Such as addresses, city, county, state, city code and zip code, etc.
    - Click "Save Map and Continue."
    - Give your map a name and description.
    - Provide an email address. To get a link to your map.
    - Save your map.
    - Sit back and relax. While ShowMyMap creates your interactive map.

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    You've written a whole manual on how to use the interactive map. Thank you very much for the information. Now I have a clear idea how to use and create such maps.

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