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Thread: SM-T819N bootloop problem and firmware

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    SM-T819N bootloop problem and firmware


    My S2 SM-819N is having bootloop problems. It goes into bootloop on starting up. However, if it is on the charger, it simply closes down instead of bootlooping.

    I want to flash with Odin a firmware to solve the problem and I downloaded from Sammobile.

    I tried to installed md5 file from AP on Odin but itís keep on restart when welcome screen comes after switch on and tab can able to switch on only when charger or usb

    Iím looking looking for origin stock rom for the below device which was bought in Poland

    Can someone help me with this, please?

    Model Info: MOBILE SM-T819N WHITE XEO
    IMEI Number: 357773073823859
    Master Number: 357773073823859
    Serial Number: R52J40ZFYCA
    Model Number: SM-T819NZWEXEO
    Model Name: SM-T819N
    Warranty Status: Out of Warranty
    Estimated Warranty End Date: 24-04-2019
    (Samsung Service centers have the final decission about the warranty)
    Production location: Korea SEC
    Production Date: 24-04-2017
    Country: Poland
    Carrier: Factory Unlocked
    GSMA Blacklist Status: Clean

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