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Thread: Does anyone know where lil peep got his clothes?

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    Does anyone know where lil peep got his clothes?

    Lil Peep wore a wide variety of outfits. He'd combine old, thrift store, and designer pieces. His style shifted frequently, and his most recent incarnation appeared to be punk (plaid pants, studded denim vests, doc martens). He once claimed that it didn't matter where he got his lil peep clothing because some of the coolest stuff he found was in petrol stations.
    It's good to be inspired by him, but he was tall and had ideal proportions for design, so he could pull off ensembles that would look ridiculous on most people. The essential point is that he didn't like to dress like everyone else; he would follow specific fads (such as Gucci shoes), but otherwise would do things his own way.

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    To be honest, I am fascinated when people combine old cheap clothes with designed ones. From my perspective, this is the best combination if you want to look good. I am also trying not to wear expensive clothes because it is essential how the clothes look, not how much they cost. That's why I am buying my clothes from the way, it's good that you are inspired by Lil peep because he had excellent clothing taste, which I also liked. However, if we speak about clothing style, I believe that it is better to find your own clothing style and not copy someones.
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