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Thread: Ringtone on tablet in Message+ app

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    Ringtone on tablet in Message+ app

    My Wifi only samsung galaxy a tablet works also as a phone via the Message+ app. When my cell phone rings, my tablet rings. Problem is, I can't change the suonerie...not under Sound/notification sounds nor in the Message+ app itself. My husband's tab has the same ringtone and it's driving us crazy. I imagine if I can find out where the ringtone is stored, I can replace it with another mp4 file. It's not under device storage/notifications. That ringtone is the same sound the tablet plays when I use Android Device manager to "Find my Device."

    Would appreciate any help!
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    Had already tried it. The only tone options it gives you is for SMS, not for phone calls. That phone tone is the same tone that you get when you ask Device Manager to find your phone.

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