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Thread: A question about VoLTE

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    A question about VoLTE

    I'm at my wit's end. So, my phone is a Samsung Note 8 (SM-950U) that came from the USA, my sis has sent to me. It's an AT&T and has been unlocked to be able to use here on the Philippines. I was using GLOBE at first but changed to a new telco named DITO. I can only use sms and internet but not the call.

    It seems I have to use VoLTE for it to work but the problem is, my phone cannot open or enable the VoLTE settings. I tried all the methods but I heard you can only do so by changing CSC and another method combined for it to work guaranteed. (Flashing? I dunno these tech terms).

    I checked and checked but Note 8 seems to be really VoLTE supported but it just has this problem when it gets outside countries. Example is India's JIO. So most guides I see are only for India.

    So my questions are,
    1.) Is my Samsung Note 8 really VoLTE supported? If no, can it be forced?
    2.) Do I need to change or add something? Are these CSC and flashing stuff necessary? If so, what are the necessary steps for me to do that?
    3.) This question applies if above questions are no and no methods. Is there any hope to use my call feature without activating VoLTE?

    Thanks for reading or checking the thread!
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