I just got an unlocked Note 20 Ultra that was originally on Verizon. I want to get rid of all the Verizon Bloatware, plus the "Hello" loading animation that appears when you turn the phone on, right after the Samsung logo.

I already tried downloading and flashing the following firmware: N986USQU2DUDC_N986UOYN2DUDC_USC.zip

This flashed correctly, but did not get rid of the loading screen, nor any of the bloatware. When the phone rebooted and went into setup, it still prompted me to allow Verizon to collect information, et cetera.

I am having a hard time figuring out which firmware to download and flash. I live in rural Montana and have a 200gb/month data cap, so I cannot keep downloading 6.4gb firmware files only to figure out I downloaded the wrong one.

Can someone help me out with the right firmware file to download?

Thanks in advance.
Zach Nicodemous