Looking for firmwares to my device,since the one I have today seems corrupted. ( Android 10)
I've already done a factory reset,but it seems that the device will force me to update ( thinks I have Android 11)- but I have UL 2.5.

I don't know what's wrong, if it's with the UL version,or a general issue related to OS.

But however what's true about the current version is that:
1. SmartWiew is corrupted( can't use VPN), will constantly loose signal.
2. The Google app store is corrupted in some way
3. An general corruption in the register

I don't know if there is any possibel swedish version.
I can be more precicly about my current version that I have.

This is quite urgent for me,since it's getting worse and worse( maybe one day it stops working)