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Thread: Samsung gear s BGL firmware help

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    Samsung gear s BGL firmware help

    Hi everyone!

    I still have my Samsung Gear S and I love it...
    It's was running the latest for my area (Bulgaria) firmware - (R750XXU2BOL2)
    Recently I had some problems with empty notifications from different apps and decided to flash different firmware.
    I found several sources for the firmware and also discovered that in some areas the firmware is higher version - up to for Malaysia and Ukraine.
    I was able to flash successfully Malaysia firmware - it was slightly different and very fast but draining the battery too fast.
    Then I flashed the Ukraine firmware and it was really good but the problem with the empty notifications was still there so I decided to go back to the stock Bulgarian BGL firmware.

    No problems flashing back the BGL firmware but for my surprise the watch started in German language (not Bulgarian).
    Then tried UK firmware and again the watch started in German language...

    I cannot get it back to Bulgarian language - I downloaded BGL firmware from 5 or 6 different sources (actually the same file) and still starting in German - also not recognizing my sim card now...

    I just found that here at sammobile there are several different versions of the BGL firmware but they are archived.

    Please let me know how can I request and download any of this versions (hopefully real BGL version).


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