Hello! I'm from Chile and bought a galaxy tab s7 from amazon (usa), with no issues for almost 2 months, but recently i was charging my device, then opened it up and it was in black screen. Tried to force reset but after the android logo it goes to black, and turns off. I tried to get to recovery but it doesn't work, can't enter, it only goes to download mode. When I called the local samsung service, they told me that may be a software problem, and i think the warranty won't work, since samsung doesn't have a global one (think so). I thought about flashing a official firmware myself, but I have two questions:
1.- Which region should I download? I don't know if it does matter
2.- If I install a different region firmware, will it void the warranty from amazon? I'm thinking about sending it back, but I need the tablet back asap.
Thank you for responding