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Thread: S21 Can't change service provider or region.

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    S21 Can't change service provider or region.

    I recently purchased an international SM-G991B/DS Enterprise Edition that was dual sim with esim. Or at least that is what I was told. I do not know how to tell if it is Enterprise Edition or not. It has dual sim but no esim. Despite getting this in writing before I purchased the phone and showing that it was sold under false pretenses. They will not accept a return because I opened the packaging to find this out.

    I thought I could get the esim working by flashing the firmware to a known country that has this model with it enabled. So I choose the UK with the BTU version of the firmware. First I just changed to the UK HOME_CSC. Nothing changed. So then I flashed all 4 files. The phone rebooted in Spanish (what it did when I got it) and I had to do the setup over again. Once that was done nothing had changed from before. I then tried a third time with the regular CSC file instead of the HOME one. Same thing. Phone defaults to Spanish and no changes to it.

    First: Is the esim even in there for me to try to activate or am I just wasting my time as the chip was never physically on the phone to begin with? Is there a firmware version out there at all, regardless of country that has esim on the G991B?
    Second: Why won't the UK firmware take to the phone? Checking the firmware shows all of it is the UK version. If that's true, then why does it default to Spanish and not English? Why does the carrier still show TPA and not BTU? Why does the Service provider show "Service provider software version SAOMC_SM-G991B_OXM_TPA_RR_0023 TPA/TPA, TPA/TPA" and not something with BTU in it?
    Third: Looking around I was also pointed to SamKey as a possible option. I cannot even figure out how to make an account let alone use the thing. Doesn't matter anyway. Windows 10 assures me it's a virus and auto deletes it in less than a second after installing. So this is not an option.

    This is not my first S21. The first one was from my home country and was single sim only. Upon pressing Samsung's customer service rep as to why the phone came without esim as was advertised. The rep told me that the local carriers had gotten together and lobbied government to pass legislation that made it illegal to provide esim in my country. When I asked for proof of this. He hung up on me.
    This is my second one. Sold under false pretenses.

    At this point I'm desperate for help. All I wanted was a new phone with esim because my previous phones all had issues detecting their sims and I've missed things because of it.
    Anything will be appreciated.

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    Hi there,

    Where did you buy your phone and in which country are you?

    Your phone is meant for Panama (TPA) and the CSC can't be changed to UK (BTU) by flashing in Odin -> TPA & BTU are both part of Multi-CSC OXM.

    SamKey is possible, but we don't support this.

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    I'm in Canada and the company that sold me the phone is Swiftronics Canada. They sell international versions of phones that they import. I went to them asking for a S21 that had dual + esim. I was told outright that it would have these and it was implied that it was coming from the EU. This is what I received instead. Which I didn't find out until after I opened it.

    I'm very new to all this so your reply and any assistance is appreciated. Since I haven't even been able to figure out how to make an account with SamKey (just their forums, which doesn't seem to be recognised in the program) it's doubtful that I'll try it. But even if I did. Would that change make the eSIM appear in the sim management menu and make it functional? Would I just be wasting more time and money for something that'll never work?

    I'll probably try to return this particular phone if I can get the company to take it back. It's going to be a fight because I'm not paying shipping out of pocket to return it or their restocking fee which is a 20% minimum on something that they sold me under false pretenses.

    I might try to get a UK version directly from the UK. But Samsung and their official sellers won't ship outside of the country.

    Is there any way that I can get the desired functionality out of this phone?

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