Hello guys,
i am new here and hope for help.
I bought a Samsung S9 (SM-G960F/DS) a few days before by knowing that it has a Software Problem. Now i have been trying to get the phone work for 4 days.
I read so many tutorials and watched so many youtube videos, but i do not get a solution. I am getting crazy.

-Now i am at the point that i dont even can get to the bootmenu. I just can reach the Download Mode
-When i try to flash stock image with Odin it stcoks by loading image file and does not get any progress even after a long time (i used original Samsung cable and tried different Usb ports)
-When i start the phone normal it freezes by the Samsung logo

I have attached some photos that you can get a better picture of the situation. Some repairment companies want a lot of money, but i am not sure if they can fix it.
I would be very proud if i can solve the problem with your help. I am also not an expert in this case, i just have basic information. So i would be glad if you could help me step by step. Thank you.

Model: Germany (DTM)