Hi everyone!

I have 2 questions regarding Samsung Galaxy A8 (2018), maybe somebody can help

During software update phone probably ran out of battery. When I try to switch it on now, black starting screen Samsung Galaxy A8 appears and shortly after small red message in the top left corner KERNEL REV CHECK FAIL DEVICE 15 BINARY 14. Then everything dissapears and phone stays switched off. I was told by the technician that if message like this is shown, data (pictures, contacts etc) was lost. Is that right? There is no other way to recover those datas from the phone directly (I don't have them saved in the cloud).

Second thing, the phone has broken Volume Up key, therefore I can't switch DOWNLOAD MODE on in order to try to reset the system (even agreeing to loose all data). I was told first to fix the key, then phone can be reinstated.
Once again, there is no other way? On daily basis I was using Volume Down key and screen to regulate the volume,

Thank you in advance