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Thread: Sync SM N910F (Note 4) and GT N5100 (note 8.0) to the present SM T595 (TabA)

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    Sync SM N910F (Note 4) and GT N5100 (note 8.0) to the present SM T595 (TabA)

    I still own the historical devices from 2013/14 and like their not taking capabilities and apps.
    Recently I got an SM T595 (TabA).

    Is there any experience, whether I can sync the Note formats:

    (1a) S Note v. 5r26066FV03 (GT N5100) .snb
    (1b) S Note v. 3-1-1412-2 (GT N5100) .spd

    (2) S Note v. 5-1-02-8 (SM N910F) ..spd

    (2a) Scrapbook v 15 9 71 (SM N910F) .scc
    (2b) S Memo v.1-2-9612385 (SM N910F)

    to the SM T595 (TabA) and recent devices in general ?

    (1b) and (2) sync.

    The TabA runs the newer Samsung Notes 4-1-03-1 instead of the former S Note.
    Samsung Notes 4-1-03-1 can import all the 5 formats listed from the Samsung Cloud, but I would like to have a real sync.

    Is there a late S Note version that runs and syncs on the TabA (I read, the S Note was developed up to the Note 8 - 2018)?
    Or an early Samsung Note version that syncs with its predecessoor - S Notes?
    Does any version of the Scrapbook and S Memo run and sync on recent devices?

    There are dozens of S Note and Samsung Notes versions / apks, but doing some random tests did not work.
    Most apps do not install or do not sync...


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    Hi there

    When any of the other readers have a solution?

    PS: you don't have to repeat your question several times, ok?

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