I have a Samsung SM-G960F smartphone. It was produced in South Korea but was loaded with software from the United Arab Emirates. This was indicated by the information in the section: Software information in Android.
On the back of the smartphone it is written that it is the SM-G960F / DS model, while when I started the smartphone in Download mode, SM-G960N is given as the model!

Currently, I have managed to do a partial cleanup by uploading Android version 10 with the South Korea CSC code.
Since I am from Poland, I would like to upload the Polish version of the adroid (XEO), but I have a problem because when selecting the appropriate files, i.e. AP, BL, CSC, CP and after extracting the PIT file from the CSC file, I tried to upload the above-mentioned version of Android.
When you try to upload, Odin version 3.14 starts uploading the system and literally stops it after a second showing the message "Repartition Fail".

Please let me know how to upload the system I have indicated to this smartphone.