Hi there
I'm new to this forum and thanks to the admins for this wonderful platform
I bought a galaxy s9 4 months ago. But it is still running under Android 8.0.
But i wanna upgrade it to Android 10 since it is a compatible device. I tried to upgrade automatically but when i try the software update in my phone, it always displays this message:
The latest updates have already been installed.
Current version: G960USQS3BRK2/960UOYN3BRK2/G960USQS3BRK2
Security patch level: December 1, 2018

This is the reason why i wanna do it manually
Now my question is, is it possible to install a firmware from another country?
I live in Cameroon (Africa) and i can't find my country in the list.
The model number of my phone is SM-G960U, and i've found a firmware for this model, but it is from USA (neither verizon, nor tmobile)
here is the link to that firmware and it seems to be the latest:

Thanks for your help!