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Thread: Note 10+ (stock), several bluetooth issues

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    Note 10+ (stock), several bluetooth issues

    Recently, problems between my Samsung device (Note10+) and other Bluetooth devices have been accumulating.
    There are more and more hints that it depends on central components maintained by Samsung.
    It started in spring 2020, when the connection between the on-board computer of my car (Toyota Verso) was no longer possible. Also other Samsung devices (S8, S7) that were running before did not do it anymore. Maybe a security update was installed...
    Anyway, after a firmware update at the Toyota dealer, compatibility was restored.

    The next step was to use a time-tracking tool, the Timeular cube ([ Login above or register to see download links. ]).
    This is not paired in the system settings, but is paired and accessed directly from the Timeular App via Bluetooth.
    I had already tried everything possible, even after following the instructions here: [ Login above or register to see download links. ]
    Until I found out that no other devices (e.g. Samsung Galaxy Watch, TaoTronics SoundElite 72 heaset) must be connected via Bluetooth in order for the Timeular App to recognize the Timeular Cube. After that I can additionally connect other devices again.

    Then there is my Bluetooth headset from Cardo for the motorcycle helmet ([ Login above or register to see download links. ]).
    It could be connected via Bluetooth and communicate or listen to music. But the Cardo SmartSet App couldn't find the device when my Galaxy Watch is also connected. The connected Galaxy Watch seems to have taken the place of the SHO-1, which causes the app to say "Non-Cardo device".

    This increases my level of annoyance and I wish for a solution.
    Maybe this forum is the sufficient channel to post this information.

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    Seems like you have a lot of Bluetooth issues with many devices. I have a similar issue but with one device only. I am using time-tracking tool too. Timeular cube helps me organise my day a lot when I am working from my [ Login above or register to see download links. ] For some reason now it stopped Bluetooth connection to my Samsung, I am trying to figure out why.

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