Greetings everyone.
I have a question relating to my new S10+ : Model number - SM-G975N
The phone was purchased in New Zealand (where I live) from a 'parallel importer'. I noted that after turning on the phone, it immediately updated its firmware/software. Now in settings I see T security and T roaming, which are in (what i assume to be) the Korean text.

I believe that this is due to the phone running firmware tailored to a South Korean provider:
The current version of the software on the phone is: G975NKSU4CTE9 / G975NOKR4CTE9 / G975NKOU4CTE7

I can only seem to find South Korean based firmware for this particular model of the phone. The SM-G975F has firmware related to several regions, but the SM-G975N seems to be fixed to South Korea.

I would really like to remove the T security and T roaming apps from settings and from where they appear in apps. For no other reason that I am really quite OCD and these little things annoy me greatly.

So finally, the question.
1. (How) can this be done?

I appreciate any constructive responses.
Take care