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No: not a SamMobile-error, you donwloaded the wrong firmware.

You should have checked the CSC first: non-BTS phones have Multi-CSC OWO, not Multi-CSC OXB...

See msg #5 about the correct, Multi-CSC OWO, firmware for your device (released for TTT, but also correct for ZTO). But if you want to be sure: wait for the release for ZTO...

But: I suggested to the database manager to put a warning on the SM-G975F firmware page, that OXB-firmware is "BTS-themed" firmware: it's under consideration...

Thanks for reporting this.
Thanks for helping me. Today the ZTO firmware is available. I've already downloaded and installed it. Everything worked out this time.
My device is "Claro" brand. The firmware for this brand is ZTA. I thought that installing the ZTO without a brand would be free of branded apks, but that didn't happen. My software information is now ZTA / ZTA, ZTA / ZTO / ZTA.
It is possible let the device without brand?