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Thread: Enabling call recording feature in Samsung A51 (SM-A515F)

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    Enabling call recording feature in Samsung A51 (SM-A515F)

    Hi all, I live in Pakistan and recently bought Samsung A51 (6 GB Ram and 128 GB ROM variant). I noticed that the call recording feature is absent in the phone app. I did some research and found that if I flash a stock firmware for India i can get call recording feature. I need to know:

    1 - If it is ok to flash the indian firmware on my A51 and still have it work on my country's mobile networks?
    2 - Does flashing a firmware of different region change the IMEI numbers of the phone?
    3. What would be the warranty status if I flash the said firmware?
    4. What if something unexpected happens, would I still be able to flash the most recent stock firmware for Pakistan that is, A515FXXU3BTD4_A515FOJM3BTD4_PAK?

    Yesterday I received the Samsung update and now I am at version: A515FXXU3BTD4/A515FOJM3BTD4/A515FXXU3BTD4
    Security Patch level: April, 01, 2020

    The firmware I intent to flash is : A515FXXU3BTD4_A515FODM3BTE9_INS

    Waiting impatiently for someone to guide me in the right direction. Thanks in anticipation

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    Hi there

    1. India has other region firmware. India has Multi-CSC ODM while Pakistan has Multi-CSC OJM. It's not so easy anymore to change CSC because of the Multi-CSC firmwares!
    2. It won't change your IMEI
    3. It's official firmware, but India has other region firmware. Officially it's not allowed to change firmware so you might loose warranty.
    4. You can flash back Multi-CSC OJM firmware to your phone, but I'm not sure you'll get the PAK CSC back

    My advice is not to mess firmwares on your phone; choice is yours however...

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