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Thread: Samsung galaxy note 9 - cannot downgrade to oreo !

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    Thumbs up Samsung galaxy note 9 - cannot downgrade to oreo !

    First, sorry if my english is not the best.
    I have buyed second hand an s9 note, wich was updated to android 10 Pie. I need call recording to work, i have call recorder pro, but as you know gogle removed ability to record calls. I want to downgrade to oficial oreo 8.0 or 8.1, but on odin 3.13.1 in download mode i get binary error ( bootloader locked). I can not understand policy that samsung fore user. If i have an pc and want windows xp on him, what is the problem ? If the phone has initiali oreo, why is forced the user to update and cannot revert back ? I am deeply disapointed about samsung methods. Why you pay past 1000 Euro (on release) on something that canot help you in the long run ? Why samsung dont listed to user need to revert back ? Internet is full of thread with this problem, is full of thread that promise to show how to downgrade to oreo but most of them did not work. I am not a geek of phones, i have some background in it repair shop, but that is all i know.
    I need desperatly to get call recording, as i need in my daily work, tried more than 10 apps in the store none of them working good (only my voice is recorded and no asigned contact number)

    Is there a way to officialy downgrade to oreo or achieve call recorder corectly in android 10 ? My phone dont have knox triped (any way is out of waranty). I fear to root because i use internet banking. If i go to a samsung service will be able to help me ?
    I am in romania (europe). I DON'T care if we put an firmware from india (readed that in this country work call recorder,) if language for phone is at least enghlish, and all other apps work well.
    Please help me !
    In sam mobile either seem not to find oreo firmware, found something in samdb , this file ROM-G960FXXS2BRK3_G960FOXM2BRJ3-20181130 but it seem is bootloader version 2... Find some info that can flash without sboot.bin but i dont understand very well the procedure, plus in other tread state clearly that a v4 bootloader dont boot oreo,,, Seem lost in o much info

    ANDROID 10
    <<< System >>>
    Android Version: 10
    API Level: 29
    Android Security Patch Level: 2019-12-01
    Rooted Device: No
    Android ID: 00f34e881058d281
    Baseband: N960FXXU4DSLA
    Bootloader: N960FXXU4DSLB
    Build ID: QP1A.190711.020.N960FXXU4DSLB
    Codename: REL
    ID: QP1A.190711.020
    Incremental: N960FXXU4DSLB
    Java Runtime Version: Android Runtime 0.9
    Java VM Version: ART 2.1.0
    Java VM Heap Size: 256 MB
    Kernel Architecture: aarch64
    Kernel Version: 4.9.118-17594460

    seem could not atach full report of aida, if you need suplimentary info please ask.
    Thank you for yor patience to read this.

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    Hi there

    Unfortunately it's not possible to downgrade due to security reasons...

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    Quote Originally Posted by henklbr [ Login above or register to see download links. ]
    Hi there

    Unfortunately it's not possible to downgrade due to security reasons...

    Pffffff. I feel cheated from samsung. It is not fair to buy a product that change initial abilityes on the long run, I think i take the chance and root this phone or i make a video when i taste the hammer to see how secure it is......
    Now i think any solution is good...

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