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Thread: Tablet cant boot into download mode

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    Tablet cant boot into download mode


    I have a SM-T585 tablet and ive never flashed any ROMs on it.. i have tried all the key combinations to enter the download mode.

    I have also tried booting into the recovery mode then choose "Reboot to bootloader"..

    I have tried a usb jig and samsung 300k tool.

    In all those attempts my device just boots to android and refuses to boot into download mode as if the download mode doesnt even exist.

    Any ideas?

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    I have the same tablet, turn tablet off and hold down
    Power > Vol Down > Home Button for at least 10 seconds
    Downloader will start and use Vol UP to confirm downloader or Vol Down to cancel and reboot.

    What are you trying to flash? Iíve only managed to flash later firmware, Iíve had no success with TWRP or downgrading firmware with SM- T585

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