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Thread: S7 problem after march 2020 update. Apps keep crashing. Option to revert ?

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    S7 problem after march 2020 update. Apps keep crashing. Option to revert ?

    I updated my phone a couple days ago and apps have been constantly crashing since. Was previously happy running v6 Android but downloaded 3 rounds of updates. They were to v7, v8 and the last a security update i believe. Ever since the security update (because the phone was functioning properly with the previous 2 updates) the apps that keep crashing, including texting, Gmail, etc.
    I have cleared cache, data, restarted the phone, restarted the apps, ensured I've got the most recent version from the app store and nothing.
    I've downloaded the Sam Info app and can tell you;

    Model: SM-G930F - dual sim
    Product code: SM-G930FZSUXSG (yes, it's a UAE phone but based in Australia if it matters)
    Latest firmware: yes > G930FXXS8ETCA

    I have tried to use an older version of Smart Switch to do an initialisation and it won't allow it. I've backed everything up so prepared to do a factory rest if i have to. Would rather not but if it's the only way. Also need clarification - if a factory reset will only erase data and not the version of android and firmware, then its pointless.
    Have also tried using Odin to go back to the prior firmware and it failed.

    What's the easiest or best way to fix this.


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    Hi there

    I can't give you a solution for this; I don't know why it's happening to your phone

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