I have a brand new Galaxy S20+ and use DeX so much that my laptop is feeling lonely. I have been using a cheap Bluetooth keyboard that I bought off Amazon, but wanted to step up to something a little more substantial with higher quality and better feel, so I bought a Logitech K380. It's a nice keyboard and I couldn't wait to use it. I tried to pair it with my new S20+ and the phone sees it just fine. When I select the K380 to pair it to the phone, the S20+ asks me to enter a 6 or 7 digit PIN and before I can get halfway through entering the PIN, the phone times out the pairing process and fails to pair. It literally gives me like 4 seconds to enter the PIN before failing. The Logitech K380 pairs just fine with my Samsung Tab S 10.5 and my Samsung Tab A 8, so I know it's not the keyboard. Just for grins, I tried to pair another Logitech Bluetooth keyboard (part of the folio for my Tab S 10.5) with the S20+ and I get the same exact behavior. It times out almost immediately and fails to pair. HELP!

Blluetooth pairing should be easy and painless. Why can't Samsung get this right on it's flagship phones?