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Thread: How to procced with CSC change on my Samsung S9?

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    Thank you both for generous information.

    I'll keep you informed about my flashing when I come to that part of the process.

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    I am experiencing an issue as well.

    The G-960F I bought works with my SIM card but has Vodafone software.

    So I downloaded the open XFA version, but after flashing all the files it displays all German info. #Even the CSC is Germany?

    I checked the XFA and XFE versions and both actually have the same firmware code i.e. Germany.

    Even the supposedly open UK version (BTU) has the same firmware code.

    They all show G960FXXUFFUE1 and CSC G960FOXMFFUE1 despite being for different countries.

    Where does this error now reside? Sammobile?

    I also can't find an archived version of Android 9 to flash and attempt an OTA.

    Any help appreciated.

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