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Thread: Note 10 resistant to firmware update

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    Hi, I wrote the message last night before going to bed, this morning I checked and it still hadn't been published, so I rewrote it

    I absolutely need to change firmware because I need to have the new Samsung Blockchain Keystore service, it is a service that activates a cryptocurrency wallet natively on the phone (and I work with cryptocurrencies on it), unfortunately this service is only available in some countries, and Italy is not included among these, the few countries currently available are the following: Canada, Germany, South Korea, Spain, Switzerland, the United States and the United Kingdom, I also spoke with the Samsung Developers customer service asking if they had plan to expand to other countries soon but they didn't want to say anything to me, that's why I can't give up changing the CSC file, but I would like to do it without voiding the warranty and without unlocking the bootloader.

    So, in conclusion I am only interested in being able to have the Samsung Blockchain Keystore which, however, being natively integrated into the phone, involves changing the CSC file.

    Yes of course, the pop-up popped up and the phone rebooted.

    What do you mean by "recovery"? a simple system restore or is it necessary to flash with Odin of firmware XEU ?
    But even if I manage to make the phone XEU / XEU, ITV / ITV, will this make me have the English ROM? or is it necessary to bring the phone in XEU / XEU, XEU / XEU?

    Thank you very much for helping
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    I update the post, I did as you told me, I did a factory data reset and this restarted, always with the writing in Italian, but then after a second after I had checked the writing in Italian I found the sim English and asked me to restart it again, and magically after the restart the configuration page was in English, and no longer in Italian! from here I understood that the CSC file had actually changed, I completed the configuration procedure and now here is what I see (screenshot below):
    XEU / XEU, ITV / ITV
    I did the test to remove the English sim and to put the Italian one and it becomes like this:
    XEU / ITV, ITV / ITV
    But at the end of all the most important thing is that both with the English sim inserted and that even without having inserted it the "Samsung Blockchain Keystore" function is present !!!!!!!!

    Finally, I have been waiting for a month and a half to have this function!

    Thanks a lot for the help, now I can finally configure the phone and transfer all the data from the old Xiaomi Mi A1.

    Thank you again so much !!

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